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Short Films Miss Todd
0 This stop-motion musical is based on the true story of E. Lilian Todd, a self-taught…

Short Films Hearth Balint Gelley

A girl refuses rescue from a determined rower and three selfish nuns after a storm floods their town, in this distinctive Hungarian animation.

Short Films Sausage still Robert Grieves

Review of Robert Grieves’ multi-award winning animation about creativity and community overcoming mass production.

Short Films

A mesmerising animated short film about artistic expression and the frustration that comes with creation.

Short Films Bendito Machine IV animated machinery

Bendito Machine IV is the latest in a series of short films about a primitive, clumsy species that rely on machinery. It tells a wordless story about petty tyrants and environmental dangers in stunning animation.

Short Films Old fangs animated short film kitchen monster

Old Fangs is an Alexander Payne-esque road trip, animated with a rich, warm, autumnal colour palette that softens the darker elements of the story. It’s Wes Anderson meets Vincent Van Gogh.

Short Films Stephen Irwin moxie short film bear

In Stephen Irwin’s crass yet touching surrealist short film about a pyromaniac bear acting out in the wake of his mother’s death.

Short Films Junk head animation short film

Painstakingly stop-motion animated over a period of four years, Junk Head is a post-apocalyptic, post-human short film full of pathos and crazy creatures.

Short Films No robots short film animation future

No Robots is a drama about discrimination and presumption in a neo-Expressionist future. Mistaken identities, robots and fascism create an unexpectedly touching short film.

Short Films trusts & estates black comedy short film lawyers

Based on a conversation overheard in a restaurant, Trusts & Estates is about four lawyers whose dinner banter quickly devolves into a grotesque comedy of cruelty.

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