Resonance gameResonance could easily be mistaken for a PC adventure game straight out of the early ‘90s. The accuracy is at a startling level; everything you’d expect to see in, say, a Gabriel Knight adventure from so many years ago can be found in Resonance (sans the live action sequences). It boasts an understanding of its source material that is rarely seen these days, and manages relevance while drawing from a dated genre, and provides a very enjoyable, classic experience.

Resonance plays almost exactly like a classic PC adventure; clicking an area to move your character, using items you’ll find and place in your inventory in various methods and situations, and solving clever puzzles that rarely feel convoluted or overly complicated. The best aspect of the gameplay in Resonance is that the puzzles feel real and plausible, in that there’s nothing overtly nonsensical about them and they make sense in a real world context. Eventually you’ll take control of all four main characters simultaneously as you work through the intriguing and scientific story of Resonance. The story, while a bit silly and cliché at times, is interesting on many levels; be they scientific, mystery, or characterization.

Classic adventure gameplay elements aren’t the only thing Resonance has managed to capture and reproduce, though. Resonance has also managed to bring back the sort of cheesy voice acting and dialogue old adventure games are so known for. While this could get old and annoying back in the day, it’s been so long since it’s been used that it’s rather charming now. There are no live action sequences in Resonance, as there were in so many classic PC adventure games, but it’s no worse for it.

[It’s worth noting that I did have some minor trouble getting Resonance to run. Playing on a laptop (Windows 7), the game would not start unless I ran it as an administrator, due to reasons unknown. It also crashed a few times, once again for unknown reasons. While it’s possible this isn’t a widespread issue, it’s worth taking into account that it could happen to others, and that the solution I used could work in those situations as well. There were no issues with the game during play otherwise, though.]

Whether you’re looking to have a classic PC adventure game experience that’s done right, or play a charming and intriguing little game, Resonance is a one-stop shop. Resonance can remind us why these games are often looked back on so fondly and why they were so much fun in the first place.

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