Short Films El Empleo short film animated

El Empleo is a commentary on the workforce and how we cope, but here the eyes of all the characters are the same; sad and dark.

Short Films Vovo short film animation

A surprising and interesting aspect of the film are the images; with bold, flowing lines and a wonderful balance between simplistic composition and a surprising level of detail.

Short Films Forevers Not So Long short film

Without warning, George is run out on by Cindy, in a sly, ham-fisted manner, but it’s clear there must be a reason for such erratic behaviour. A massive rock shaped reason as it turns out.

Short Films Self Help short film james page

Jeff is a sad, lonely man who think’s he’s found an answer to his problems in the guise of self-help guru, John Power.

Short Films Betty animated short film

Jessica Wainwright successfully transposes the real into the model world, and presents a refreshingly truthful account of the elderly.

Short Films Lift marc isaacs short film

Lift takes place in a world where a futureless, artificial light illuminates the lost souls of dirty hallways.

Short Films Eden short film

Simon Aeppli returns to his hometown of Eden to capture some of its uniqueness on film, building a montage of images, sounds, and interviews with the residents.

Short Films Custard short film pete millard

The film is a catalyst, like alcohol, and it’s wonderful and hilarious, but don’t let anyone tell you Custard is thought-provoking, or subversive, because frankly it’s not. At all.

Short Films Golf-with-a-shotgun

Golf With A Shotgun is about a relationship between the suicidal Dave and the good natured Larry, who cracks jokes that fall flat against Dave’s wall of angst.

Short Films Key Lime Pie short film still

Key Lime Pie is so deliciously insane that you can feel your mind falling apart, like a soft biscuit, while you watch it. Don’t you waste a crumb. Don’t you ever waste a crumb.

Short Films Earth To Earth Nick Scott short film

Earth To Earth is played out in a documentary style, with an old man recounting his treasured allotment, and his gift for growing a rather special product.

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