SuperBob is a Short faux documentary about a mild mannered super hero called Bob. The film is a Grain Media production, written and directed by the Managing Director, Jon Drever, with the title role performed by Brett Goldstein (recently in Derek, another faux documentary, which starred Ricky Gervais). So first of all, with a solid actor and a clean, professional execution, SuperBob is a very well made little film, not that it would matter if the content was pants.

But it’s not pants; SuperBob is warm, witty and a total joy to watch. Bob himself is a shy, self-depreciating man who happens to have ‘powers’, and in the talking head interviews he expresses his desire to find someone who could share his life with him. The film flips between following the superhero around as he enjoys his day off, and developing a relationship between Bob and his cleaning lady, Doris.

It’s wonderful just how perfectly SuperBob captures the feel of a character-driven modern documentary, using cinéma vérité to tell a story about a superhero. Everything from the moodily lighted talking head interviews to the emotionally manipulative music is spot on. The funniest moments are throwaway jokes, such as when Bob is buying milk in the supermarket, or talking about having Batman over for dinner, but the best moments are the gooey, sentimental bits, largely because Bob is so absurdly nice, you can’t help but laugh at his earnestness, and still feel warm and fuzzy inside.


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