Stalker’s Mark


Stalker’s Mark is a 5 minute horror film directed by and starring Alexis Slade, and is about an unnamed, faceless person who is kidnapped and subjected to torture by a masked man after enjoying an evening with a couple of friends.

I say the character is unnamed and faceless because, well, we’re supposed to be that character. The film is shot from the point of view of the victim which, when juxtaposed alongside the alarming kidnap statistic at the start of the film, is what creates the terror and the suspense. For most of the film, the kidnapper is also faceless, sort of Slender Man-like, but he knows his victim and wants to punish her. We never know exactly why, as there’s no dialogue at all.

Instead of dialogue the film is carried largely through the changes between frantic and droning violin soundtrack. It’s used to set the scene, set the mood and also create fear when used alongside the black-and-white filter. We suddenly jump into Technicolor during the torture, I assume because Technicolor forces us to realise that it is “our” blood being spilled in an almost 300/Spartacus way.

You could say that Stalker’s Mark is very much Sin City inspired, what with the colour scheme and the dark nature of the narrative, but it also has the first person Peep Show element to it to get us engaged. The world, whether we like it or not, can be a dark place where bad things happen for next to no reason, Stalker’s Mark works as a horror because it makes the audience face that notion and learn to accept it.


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