A girl refuses rescue after a town is drowned by a storm, in this distinctive animation based on a story from Transylvanian-Hungarian author Ádám Bodor. A knowledge of Hungarian folklore would probably illuminate all kinds of allegory here, but the girl’s adamant refusal of help from a determined hero and three selfish nuns is intriguingly enigmatic. The bold animation style uses camera focus to heighten the physical and emotional effect of the storm.


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  1. I showed “Hearth” earlier this evening to a roomful of 10 and 11-year old Vietnamese children. I had never seen it; before and neither had they. I was quite affected and many of the students were too. I had them write something about the film – not just plot – in 30 words. Most of them identified with the girl with a few more interested in the rowing man. When the rower came close to the gilr and he and the students saw the girl smoking they laughed in recognition – they knew that girl, that posture, that attitude. And where it comes from. They quite surprised me. Thank you for this film.

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