Blue Monday


Packed full of charm, humour and impeccable acting, Blue Monday is an absolute must-see! The film follows Claire, a depressive and unassuming girl who works at a call centre. Today is her birthday, and despite her polite attempts to dismiss any celebrations, she is unwillingly thrown into them, leading to an entertaining and captivating short.

Claire is a relatively normal twenty-something year old. She’s not kooky or particularly glamorous (not to say that she isn’t an attractive girl) but there’s something about that normality that really strikes a chord. She’s the girl that is being left behind: while friends achieve great career feats, she’s still working in a call centre, getting too drunk and going home with uninteresting guys, and yet instead of being uninspiring, her character is really rather wonderful. She’s charming despite her lack of obvious pizazz and her down-to-earth nature makes her an unaffected and fascinating lead.

Blue Monday is not a tale of optimism or humour and yet, peppered amongst the cool tones and sorry reflections there are scenes of subtle but undeniable hilarity. In one scene, for example, Claire and her colleague stand outside smoking cigarettes and discussing various ways in which they will bang each others heads against the wall. This scene is absolutely wonderful – so cooly acted, with natural chemistry and dialogue – and is one of many such scenes with enough wit to carry the viewer through the more serious truths.

The acting, too, is faultless. I believed each and every line from each and every character and it’s this meticulous delivery that makes the film so smooth and watchable. The characters are cleverly constructed – fascinating, but relatable – and they slot together with impressive chemistry and rapport.

Often with short films the plot is their downfall, but happily Blue Monday excels in this respect as well. The story is short and sweet but there’s a depth to it that works so well. There are layers, without it being overly complicated, and this is the film’s ultimate charm. In such a short amount of time we successfully get a very rounded idea of who Claire is and what her life is like.

This is a film that is, quite simply, just very done well. To fit such charm and chemistry into a film is no mean feat, so to achieve this in a short like Blue Monday is quite something, and makes for a really enjoyable watch. The film is smooth and acted with ease. There wasn’t a single thing I didn’t enjoy about it and for that reason I would highly recommend it.


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