MarsCorp podcast astronaut drawingMarsCorp is a scripted comedy podcast about station supervisor E.L. Hob’s first year working at humanity’s only colony on Mars. She quickly finds out that the mission to terraform the planet and make it habitable for humans is way, way behind schedule thanks to her colleagues who are all either lazy, stupid or criminally insane.

The more Hob gets involved with life on Mars the more she realises that the problems on this remote human settlement aren’t just down to a slack workforce – out of control science experiments and a takeover plot by a shadowy group working in the base also threaten to destroy MarsCorp and everyone who lives there.

The first episode was released on July 27 and there will be a new episode every Wednesday until October 12. You can subscribe now on iTunes or Acast to make sure you get the new episodes as soon as they’re released. For more information about the show visit the MarsCorp website. If you like the show then please, please, PLEASE rate it on iTunes (or wherever you got it) and spread the word!