New Platform Offering Commercial Work To Filmmakers Launches


The best thing about pursuing a life as a filmmaker is all the paid work you get. Lol, jk! It’s an absolute nightmare! So a new way to get your ideas and talent out there and connect with people who can pay you for this so you don’t starve is most welcome news.

Flare Studio has recently launched and it promises to act as a handy bridge to the commercial world. Filmmakers at all levels – from film students to professionals – can search for jobs and actually pitch for work with recognised brands in exchange for recognised currency. It’s been launched by creative agency AMV BBDO – so it’s legit AF – and scouting for work is not all; they’re also offering two whopping £25,000 scholarships to the National Film and Television School, i.e. the best film school in the country.

Making the jump from student filmmaker to full-time professional director is one of the hardest things any filmmaker will do (or not do, as the case may be). Commercial work is one of the best avenues to pursue, whether your aspiration is to make feature films or work in commercials. Many who make it do so through networks, which aren’t necessarily open to everyone, so the more meritocratic nature of Flare Studio could potentially make professional filmmaking a viable career for more students and aspiring amateurs.

Registration to Flare Studios is open now (and it’s free), so you can start checking out what work is available straight away. Get started at


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