Competition Time for Northwest!


It’s competition time! Competition time! Everyone get excited!

And now get serious because Northwest, a new film from Michael Noer, is no laughing matter. Starring Gustav Dyekjær Giese, and Roland Møller from A Hijacking and R, Northwest is a serious crime thriller, delivered in Danish, a serious language. Look at the trailer above. That’s a good minute and a half of fighting, shouting and intrigue. Great fun, but in a serious way.

I don’t know if you like tense Nordic thrillers as much as we do at Gorilla, but if you’re reading this website then you damn sure don’t have money, so this is your chance to win an iTunes download of Northwest! All you have to do is ‘like’ Gorilla on Facebook and tag us in a status. Alternatively you can follow Gorilla on Twitter and tweet out the Northwest trailer, making sure to tag us in it. Next Wednesday (30th) we’ll draw three names out of a hat and distribute codes, like the Santa of iTunes.


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