Courtesan At The Slamdance Film Festival


The Slamdance Film Festival begins today in Utah, USA, and Gorilla favourite Jeremy Osbern’s short film Courtesan is screening there. We got him to talk a little about the film’s genesis…

Filmmaker Misti Boland and I have been working together for over ten years. Over that time, I (a working cinematographer) shot her films, and she (a working production designer) did the art design for mine. We started writing a feature script together and flirted with the idea of co-directing, but wanted to find a project as a test run.

Enter the Digital Bolex. This upstart camera company got initial funding on Kickstarter and then successfully released a digital replacement for the 16mm film camera. The 2015 Slamdance Film Festival announced they would program a block of shorts specifically shot on this camera, and Misti and I decided this might be the perfect avenue for our first co-directed short, Courtesan.

Courtesan Jessi Burkette Joseph Anderson

Courtesan actors Jessi Burkette and Joseph Anderson

We came up with an idea that would approach the world’s oldest profession from a new angle. We shot the film in one day and then spent a marathon weekend finalizing all the post-production, including working with the talented Nathan Towns on an original score inspired by dubstep and glitch hop (Dub hop? Glitch step?).

And the end result? Variety announced that the film was officially selected to premiere in competition at the Slamdance Festival as a part of the Digital Bolex ‘Fearless Filmmaking’ Showcase.

We’re excited to show the whole film to the world, but in the meantime, enjoy the trailer above!


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Jeremy Osbern is a cinematographer, writer, and director. His work has been viewed by over a hundred million people, and you can join them over at his website.

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