MarsCorp – A New Comedy Podcast From Gorilla!


MarsCorp is a brand new 12-part science fiction comedy podcast series, brought to you by Gorilla. The plan is to launch the show at the end of 2015, once our current podcast series, The Bunker, is dead and rotting in the ground.

The year is 2515 and Earth is a barren wasteland. Luckily, a terraforming colony was established on Mars at the end of the 21st century. Unluckily, that colony is MarsCorp.

After 400 years of gathering dust in the storage room, Station Supervisor E. L. Hob (Helen Watkinson) is awoken from cryosleep and tasked with getting the terraforming mission back on track. With the help of her laid-back assistant Jim (Matthew Woodcock) and a large cast of weird and wonderful fellow employees, Hob must tackle the day-to-day problems at MarsCorp, such as health and safety, education, security, terrifying man-eating monsters from hellish dimensions and team building days.

To fund the production of MarsCorp we are running a Kickstarter campaign between the 13th March and 12th April. If you can afford to donate then you’ll receive some lovely rewards as well as huge gratitude from us. If you can’t, then we would really appreciate it if you could share the project on your social networks!

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David Knight is, for all intents and purposes, a human. I mean, he must be right? He has all the essential features necessary, and certainly talks a good game. When he’s not writing words with his hands on a keyboard, he’s speaking words with his mouth on The Bunker podcast.

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