2015 London Short Film Festival: 9-18 Jan – Preview


“We’re not here to entertain you. We’re here to make you feel uncomfortable.”
– Viv Albertine, after Luis Buñuel.

That’s the London Short Film Festival’s (LSFF) statement of intent for the 12th instalment of their annual celebration and examination of short films.

The festivities kick off this Friday with a drinks reception and the announcement of the shortlist for the British Council Award for Best Short Film and the screening of the first programme of comedy short films. From there on there are daily short film screenings, discussion panels and filmmaking classes at the ICA and Hackney Picturehouse. Some highlights are:

Saturday 10th

London short film festival LSFF euroscript classLSFF INDUSTRY: Euroscript Present: The Craft of Development – A look in depth at the importance and craft of script and story development. A panel of experts will explore case studies, unearthing common pitfalls and extracting the tips and tricks by which to avoid them! Hackney Picturehouse, starts 2pm.


London short film festival LSFF Gothic films SolitudoGothic! – Through a glass darkly for a selection of gothic horror tinged fairy stories for a dark winter’s night. There’s mysterious yet intoxicating stories of sexual secrets in 1950s suburbia in Room 55, an obsession with hair in The Silken Strand, a creepy florists in Sub Rosa, and a boys school with a secret in The Substitute. The Hackney Picturehouse at 8pm.


Sunday 11th

London short film festival LSFF Longes SirenShort Longes – A chance to spend an afternoon with a series of longer form drama shorts, in association with Short Sighted cinema. Some of the filmmakers will also be there for a live Q&A. The Hackney Picturehouse at 2:30pm.



Girlhood / Boyhood – Two programmes of short films screened back to back about the trials and tribulations of girls and boys growing up in the world today. The Hackney Picturehouse, Girlhood 4pm and Boyhood 6pm.

London Short Film Festival LSFF Girlhood BoyhoodTuesday 13th

London short film festival LSFF lo budget mayhemLo-Budget Mayhem – Expect a raucous show with our regular and popular showcase of low budget filmmaking; a selection of 26 out-there gems from bad taste comedy to bizarre animation. Hackney Attic at 7:30pm.



Wednesday 14th

London short film festival LSFF school for creative start upsSchool for Creative Start-ups Present: Business Planning for Creatives – This workshop will offer empathetic yet practical advice for the artist who is struggling to find their business head. You will look at business planning, cashflow, time management and all the boring but vital skills needed to survive the early stages of your career. Make sure that you don’t lose sight of the end game! Hackney Picturehouse at 2pm

Thursday 15th

London short film festival LSFF raising money for your short filmEEFF’s Mind the Gap Present: Who’s Got The Money And How Do I Get It? – What’s best for you at this stage of your career: crowd-funding, EIS schemes, public money, branded content, or something else? Meet representatives from iFeatures and Film London, as well as producers and crowd-funding experts and discuss what approaches work where, and how to secure finance for your film. Hackney Picturehouse at 2pm.

London Short Film Festival LSFF FututreworldsFutureworlds -Science fiction scenarios come to the fore in this selection of futuristic short films; see London’s empty streets in The North Side and steampunked in Captcha, and a futuristic India in Chupan Chupai, or witness apocalyptic wastelands in Exile, M.O.T.H. and The Line. Hackney Picturehouse at 9pm.


Friday 16th

London short film festival LSFF sketch nightSketch Night [+ live comedy] – In collaboration with Short Sighted Cinema, films are presented alongside uproarious live comedy, an assemblage of stand-up, skit and sketch acts freshly plucked from London’s comedy scene. Hackney Picturehouse at 7:30pm.


Sunday 18th

London Short Film Festival LSFF Window on the world short documentariesDOCS: Window on the World – From Norway to New Zealand, from Bombay to Barcelona, these short docs take us on a journey around the world. Meet father-and-son cobblers in Barcelona, wend your way through the sights and sounds of an American Renaissance Faire and experience the beauty and chill of winter across Siberia. Hackney Picturehouse at 1pm.


This is a small selection of what’s on offer over the 9 days of the festival. Seriously, the programme for this year is HUGE! If you can’t find at least one thing that you want to go to, then you probably just don’t like films tbh.

You can view the whole programme and get more information on tickets at the LSFF site. Gorilla will be attending a few screenings too, so keep your eyes open for reviews in the next couple of weeks.


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David Price is the editor of Gorilla Film Online and co-writer/co-producer of MarsCorp and The Bunker podcasts. He has made a number of short films and has watched more than 12 feature films. Writers/con-artists can contact him at daveprice at gorillafilmmagazine.com

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