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Comment Cate-Blanchet-Bob-Dylan

An actor is someone who acts, so why do we need the word actress? Isn’t categorising people by their gender in a profession where people play make-believe kind of silly?

Comment Harmony Korine Gummo 1997

Harmony Korine is the living manifestation of risk. His movies are wrought with nauseating graphics and revolting vulgarity. Siddhi Sundar explains why we should care.

Comment Abandoned cinema

You don’t have to be a scholar to know that some of the greatest art put to celluloid doesn’t hit the multiplexes, that’s why we need the teeny-weeny independent theatres.

Comment Andrea Arnold wide

Andrea Arnold’s films are exceptional for the way they portray the harsh beauty and grim reality of working-class life, as well as their unique focus on women and female sexuality.