Author Robert Gould

Feature Films

Stretching its true story credentials in the name of entertainment, The Colony pits a convincing romance against a tale of Cold War paranoia and ungodly corruption.

Short Films Stephen Irwin moxie short film bear

In Stephen Irwin’s crass yet touching surrealist short film about a pyromaniac bear acting out in the wake of his mother’s death.

Short Films Woodhouse short film fred rowson

The myth of a mysterious creature inhabiting the Woodhouse Nature Reserve has a profound effect on the lives of several Londoners in this fast-paced modern fairytale.

Short Films EWE short film government surveillance

EWE is a surprisingly considered short film about government surveillance, told through a collection of immaculately arranged still images.

Short Films Captured short film aliens found footage

When a recovered camcorder chronicles one family’s Christmas Day encounter with a UFO, only one thing can be certain: whatever it was they met, it wasn’t Father Christmas.

Short Films trusts & estates black comedy short film lawyers

Based on a conversation overheard in a restaurant, Trusts & Estates is about four lawyers whose dinner banter quickly devolves into a grotesque comedy of cruelty.

Short Films The-Lady-With-The-Lamp

The Lady With the Lamp is a hilarious, accidental short documentary about the relationship between a Mother and son, perfectly demonstrating some of the downsides to living at home when you’re 21.

Short Films Mallas MA short film paranormal investigator

A short film about a couple of paranormal investigators (con artists) who discover a strange but sweet little girl in a supposedly haunted house.

Short Films Bruce short films

A gloriously disturbed short film animation about a man who plays God, via a simple open source application that turns a lump of meat into a tiny, travel-sized action hero.

Short Films Fist of jesus short film

Fist of Jesus is a campy retelling of the Raising of Lazarus, but this time Jesus’s favourite party trick backfires tremendously, resulting in a swarm of ravenous zombies.

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