Author Rhys Johnson

Rhys is a 20-something university graduate with no real sense of direction, so he writes about stuff to fill some kind of void. He has a love for German beer, Mexican food and Stana Katic.

Short Films stalkers mark short film

Stalker’s Mark is a horror film based on an alarming kidnap statistic. With a frantic soundtrack and first person camera, it puts us in the mind of a kidnap victim.

Short Films Bendito Machine IV animated machinery

Bendito Machine IV is the latest in a series of short films about a primitive, clumsy species that rely on machinery. It tells a wordless story about petty tyrants and environmental dangers in stunning animation.

Feature Films the-kings-of-summer 3 bonfire

When three teenage boys run away to live in the woods one summer they learn important lessons about friendship, independence and what it truly means to “be a man”.

Feature Films Good-bye-lenin hands up

After a young man’s socialism-loving mother falls into a coma in 1989, he tries to convince her that socialism is still thriving when she wakes up, after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

TV Lillyhammer tv show

Lillyhammer is a comedy-crime-drama about a former New York gangster adapting to life in Norway under a witness protection programme.

TV louie TV Louis C.K. bathroom mirror middle finger

A look at seasons 1 to 3 of stand up Louis C.K.’s realist comedy TV show, Louie.

Short Films Fallen art short film animation baginsk

Fallen Art is an animated short film about a hulking Army General who pushes soldiers off an impossibly high tower for the sake of a macabre, stop motion video.

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