Author David Knight

David Knight is, for all intents and purposes, a human. I mean, he must be right? He has all the essential features necessary, and certainly talks a good game. When he’s not writing words with his hands on a keyboard, he’s speaking words with his mouth on The Bunker podcast.

Mystery Box bane comic book blue

Pictures of Tom Hardy as Bane in the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, have been released. Let’s see how this protein powder loving freak, Bane, has evolved over time.

Short Films Key Lime Pie short film still

Key Lime Pie is so deliciously insane that you can feel your mind falling apart, like a soft biscuit, while you watch it. Don’t you waste a crumb. Don’t you ever waste a crumb.

Short Films Earth To Earth Nick Scott short film

Earth To Earth is played out in a documentary style, with an old man recounting his treasured allotment, and his gift for growing a rather special product.

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