Author David Knight

David Knight is, for all intents and purposes, a human. I mean, he must be right? He has all the essential features necessary, and certainly talks a good game. When he’s not writing words with his hands on a keyboard, he’s speaking words with his mouth on The Bunker podcast.

Short Films my bloody valentine shyshter shadows

A simple tale of one-sided attraction and blossoming love, My Bloody Valentine is a charming comedy short film with an ‘anything goes’ attitude.

Short Films Loom short film about a spider's web

A moth hurtles into a spider’s web and sticks fast, as it struggles with this unexpected predicament, the creeping legs of the spider tiptoe towards its prey.

Short Films the cat with hands creepy short film by robert morgan

A wonderfully dark fairy tale short film about a mysterious cat that steals human body parts, and will keep on stealing and killing until it builds itself a new, human, body.

Feature Films Ghosted prison drama man drowning

A redemption seeking long-term prisoner is close to his release day, but he complicates things by becoming a father figure to the new guy. That’s right, it’s a prison drama!

Short Films LXIV Damian Livesey short film

Damian Livesey has condensed modern life into three minutes, in the form of a beautifully edited dedication to his deceased father.

Interviews The-Hidden-Persuaders cast

The Hidden Persuaders was voted ‘Best Experimental Film’ at the Annual Mini-DV Festival in New York. The film was written, produced, directed and edited by Wayne Dudley on a budget of only £230.