Author Adam Turner-Heffer

Adam is a freelance film and music journalist who is also a musician with the groups Post Louis and Spoilers. He graduated from Strathclyde University in English Literature and has worked at both the London and Glasgow Film Festivals and has written programme notes for the Glasgow Film Theatre.

Feature Films Bjork Biophilia Live

More than just a concert film, Biophilia Live is a multi-media extravaganza combining innovative imagery and film with the music from the album to explore themes of nature.

Feature Films Ida balcony

A story about a nun-in-waiting who makes some life-changing discoveries about her past when she explores the wider world just before committing to life in the convent.

Feature Films No 2012 film about the election fo pinochet

No is a stylised, comic take on the advertising campaign for the 1988 Chile referendum that was supposed to “elect” General Pinochet to another eight years.