Write For Gorilla

Hi. So, you’re a writer are you? That’s what you want to be? Well, you’re at the right place. Take a seat. Drink? A vodka? At 10am? Well, if that’s what you want. One vodka coming up. Now, let’s talk about writing for Gorilla.

Since starting in 2010, Gorilla Film Magazine has existed to provide a platform for new and aspiring independent filmmakers. Aside from running this website we’ve published 5 issues of the magazine, hosted a number of film events and produced a comedy podcast about storytelling called The Bunker.

In November 2014 we re-launched the Gorilla website and crafted the beauty you see before you. We also changed the name to Gorilla Film Online, partly to emphasise our focus on online rather than print publishing, and also to reflect our desire to expand on what we cover, as we look to produce more articles on cinema in general and more coverage of quality mainstream films.

And more jokes (*pause for laughter; 1… 2… 3…*)

So here’s what we’re looking for.


We want writing that is funny, looks at common things in new way, is interesting, provocative… basically I’m trying to say we want interesting pieces. Specifically, the kind of stuff we produce includes:

Reviews – We have lots of short films, press screening invites and DVD’s that we want to send your way for review. We also want reviews of quality mainstream films (think Paul Thomas Anderson, not Paul W.S. Anderson).

Film Theory –  We want more articles covering the theory side of cinema. Maybe you’ve already got essays and dissertations from university that you want to adapt and put out there, or maybe you just really, really want to say something about Verisimilitude. Retrospectives, film or scene breakdowns and filmmaker analyses are also welcome.

Modern Cinema – This is the area where pretty much anything goes, from commentary on the Marvel Studios juggernaut to the underground Hungarian Glitch Screen movement to your personal relationship with afternoon cinema, as long as it’s interesting, funny or provocative.

Practical Filmmaking – Posts and articles providing tips for filmmakers. This could be anything from your top 5 tips on entering film festivals to reviews of cameras and other kit.

Interviews – Where you get to quiz directors, producers and actors.

Events – Going along to film nights and film festivals and reporting back. For this one, if you live in London, then there will be a lot more opportunity for you to attend events.

Gorilla is not-for-profit and all writers contribute on a voluntary basis. Many are new writers who want to get some bylines for a portfolio and develop their skills, others just love writing about film. You decide your level of involvement: you can write one article one time, or have a weekly column (if you’re good, obvs). If you happen to already have a film blog or something and would like to syndicate your material to GFO, then we’d be happy to discuss that.

What we can offer you:

  • By-lines and published work on an established film site.
  • Chance to attend to press screenings, film nights and film festivals.
  • Free DVD’s for review.
  • 1 (one) free mince pie at the Gorilla Christmas party (subject to availability)

If you’re interested in working with us then drop us a short email at daveprice@gorillafilmmagazine.com (400 words max.) telling us a bit about your background, what you’re looking to get out of working with Gorilla and if there’s a particular area you want to write about. This isn’t for us to vet you, it just helps us figure out how you can best fit in.

Past writing experience isn’t important, but a love of film is. As is basic literacy.

Also, please don’t send in CVs. We won’t read them. We don’t care how many GCSEs you got, although I’m sure your parents were very proud/disappointed.


We’ve worked with people from all sorts of fields since we started, from illustrators and designers, to tech people and marketing whizzes. If you think you would like to get involved with Gorilla in some way then we’d love to hear from you too. Drop us a short email with some examples of your work, or links to it, if appropriate/available.