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Short Films Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom

Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom is a short film about a man disillusioned with his life in China so learns Gaelic and moves to Ireland, only to find the language has been forgotten.

Short Films Elukka

A twisted and dark sense of humour runs through this stop animation short film.

Short Films the maestro short film by adam anthony

The Maestro is a short film about a unique kind of conductor. Using timelapse photography it turns a city into an orchestra of light and sound.

Short Films Robots of brixton kibwe tavares

Set in the year 2050, Robots of Brixton is an animated short film about history repeating itself. This is a mature film with a message: violence is not the way to end conflict.

Short Films Cloud-Watcher short film

In both his job and his hobby Arthur carries a heavy existential burden, struggling to stand up and forge his own path for himself. But can he find the confidence and resolve to take action?

Short Films El Empleo short film animated

El Empleo is a commentary on the workforce and how we cope, but here the eyes of all the characters are the same; sad and dark.

Short Films Vovo short film animation

A surprising and interesting aspect of the film are the images; with bold, flowing lines and a wonderful balance between simplistic composition and a surprising level of detail.

Short Films Earth To Earth Nick Scott short film

Earth To Earth is played out in a documentary style, with an old man recounting his treasured allotment, and his gift for growing a rather special product.

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