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Short Films Woodhouse short film fred rowson

The myth of a mysterious creature inhabiting the Woodhouse Nature Reserve has a profound effect on the lives of several Londoners in this fast-paced modern fairytale.

Short Films Shift dance short film

Shift is a beautifully choreographed dance short film, showing an office worker escaping into his mind to an ever-changing score.

Short Films EWE short film government surveillance

EWE is a surprisingly considered short film about government surveillance, told through a collection of immaculately arranged still images.

Short Films Junk head animation short film

Painstakingly stop-motion animated over a period of four years, Junk Head is a post-apocalyptic, post-human short film full of pathos and crazy creatures.

Short Films Make Your Maker cloning cannibalism short film

Make Your Maker is a rich and vibrant short film about consumer culture, the metaphor taking on a visceral literality as a woman eats her own clone. But in a fun way!

Short Films Streets of rage israeli short film comic book

Streets of Rage is an adaptation of an Israeli comic by writer Etgar Keret. The short film explores what it means to be ordinary and aspire to something greater.

Short Films The last walk short film

Strong imagery and surrealism pull against mystery in Gareth Roberts’ The Last Walk, a dark and oppressive short film about guilt.

Short Films No robots short film animation future

No Robots is a drama about discrimination and presumption in a neo-Expressionist future. Mistaken identities, robots and fascism create an unexpectedly touching short film.

Short Films he's gone short film exodus mosiac law

He’s Gone tells the story of a priest who goes on a revenge rampage as he upholds law of Exodus 21:24 – Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

Short Films Praying to janus short film

Praying to Janus is about an office-worker’s desperate interview for the job that will change his directionless life. But what kind of change will he get?

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