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Short Films Wasp Andrea Arnold

This Oscar-winning short drama from 2003 is a must see for fans of shorts and British films, from Fish Tank director Andrea Arnold.

Short Films stray dogs 2015

A guy waiting for the bus gets caught up in an unusual domestic between a magician and his assistant.

Short Films chase me through 2014

Chase Me Through is an atmospheric portrayal of a couple’s shared – and conflicting – memories of a difficult relationship.

Short Films Hearth Balint Gelley

A girl refuses rescue from a determined rower and three selfish nuns after a storm floods their town, in this distinctive Hungarian animation.

Short Films The Brain Hack Joe White

Can a work of art be so precise in design and execution that it can inspire the viewer to see God? This is the question at the centre of The Brain Hack, a creepy metaphysical thriller short.

Short Films Coffee To Go Patrick Ryder

Mae’s morning coffee and Sudoku are interrupted when her dream man walks through the door. Made in a single morning for a budget less than £40, Coffee To Go depicts the relatable trauma of bumping into a crush.

Short Films blue monday short film

Review of short film Blue Monday, about a woman trying not to celebrate her birthday. Written and directed by Charles Chintzer Lai.

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