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Short Films In the city anika short film runners sitting on a bench

Six potential suitors flaunt their bare legs in hopes of winning the hand of a young lady, in this music video for musician Anika’s In The City.

Short Films

A no-budget comedy about a girl who builds a replacement boyfriend out of cardboard boxes.

Short Films Sausage still Robert Grieves

Review of Robert Grieves’ multi-award winning animation about creativity and community overcoming mass production.

Short Films Marylin Myler

A mesmerising animated short film about artistic expression and the frustration that comes with creation.

Short Films The Bird Turtle Canyon Film Julia Davis

The Bird is a beautifully composed short film which deftly engages with how the fallout of a loved one’s death can impact on those left behind, in often very contrasting ways.

Short Films Resting short film turtle canyon interview

Witty and sardonic, Resting gives us an insightful, tongue-in-cheek look at the everyday lives of three actors as they deal with the tedium of their temp jobs.

Short Films The runner comedy short film

Funny, well-paced and imaginative, The Runner is an inventive short film, produced in true guerrilla filmmaking style by people who are heading for the mainstream.

Short Films trusts & estates black comedy short film lawyers

Based on a conversation overheard in a restaurant, Trusts & Estates is about four lawyers whose dinner banter quickly devolves into a grotesque comedy of cruelty.

Short Films The Dark Companion comedy short film puppet existential

The Dark Companion is a funny and potent short film about a puppet called Howard, who suffers an existential crisis when he realises he’s not in control of his life.

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