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Short Films Loom short film about a spider's web

A moth hurtles into a spider’s web and sticks fast, as it struggles with this unexpected predicament, the creeping legs of the spider tiptoe towards its prey.

Short Films the cat with hands creepy short film by robert morgan

A wonderfully dark fairy tale short film about a mysterious cat that steals human body parts, and will keep on stealing and killing until it builds itself a new, human, body.

Short Films I live in the woods animated short film

An animated short film about a forest sprite in a violent power struggle with his white, American god, all disguised as an upbeat fairy tale.

Short Films Photograph of jesus short film getty

Photograph of Jesus is a rambling acid trip of a short film, which brings some of the 60 million images in the Hulton archive to life.

Short Films Elukka

A twisted and dark sense of humour runs through this stop animation short film.

Short Films the goat and the well animated short film by Ben Cady

The Goat And The Well is a simple animated short film about a goat tied to a well. And it’s 5 minutes of pure, effortless bliss.

Short Films Robots of brixton kibwe tavares

Set in the year 2050, Robots of Brixton is an animated short film about history repeating itself. This is a mature film with a message: violence is not the way to end conflict.

Short Films El Empleo short film animated

El Empleo is a commentary on the workforce and how we cope, but here the eyes of all the characters are the same; sad and dark.

Short Films Vovo short film animation

A surprising and interesting aspect of the film are the images; with bold, flowing lines and a wonderful balance between simplistic composition and a surprising level of detail.

Short Films Betty animated short film

Jessica Wainwright successfully transposes the real into the model world, and presents a refreshingly truthful account of the elderly.