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Short Films stray dogs 2015

A guy waiting for the bus gets caught up in an unusual domestic between a magician and his assistant.

Short Films Sausage still Robert Grieves

Review of Robert Grieves’ multi-award winning animation about creativity and community overcoming mass production.

Short Films Kerry short documentary

Review of the short documentary Kerry. Directed by Kyle Dunbar, a young man tells how he left a life of crime for Muay Thai.

Short Films stalkers mark short film

Stalker’s Mark is a horror film based on an alarming kidnap statistic. With a frantic soundtrack and first person camera, it puts us in the mind of a kidnap victim.

Short Films lucid short film

Jamie Short’s visually arresting short film presents a lucid dream which takes an office-worker away from his mundane life.

Short Films Bendito Machine IV animated machinery

Bendito Machine IV is the latest in a series of short films about a primitive, clumsy species that rely on machinery. It tells a wordless story about petty tyrants and environmental dangers in stunning animation.

Short Films Stephen Irwin moxie short film bear

In Stephen Irwin’s crass yet touching surrealist short film about a pyromaniac bear acting out in the wake of his mother’s death.

Short Films Woodhouse short film fred rowson

The myth of a mysterious creature inhabiting the Woodhouse Nature Reserve has a profound effect on the lives of several Londoners in this fast-paced modern fairytale.

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