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Short Films Wasp Andrea Arnold

This Oscar-winning short drama from 2003 is a must see for fans of shorts and British films, from Fish Tank director Andrea Arnold.

Short Films chase me through 2014

Chase Me Through is an atmospheric portrayal of a couple’s shared – and conflicting – memories of a difficult relationship.

Short Films The Brain Hack Joe White

Can a work of art be so precise in design and execution that it can inspire the viewer to see God? This is the question at the centre of The Brain Hack, a creepy metaphysical thriller short.

Short Films blue monday short film

Review of short film Blue Monday, about a woman trying not to celebrate her birthday. Written and directed by Charles Chintzer Lai.

Short Films The Bird Turtle Canyon Film Julia Davis

The Bird is a beautifully composed short film which deftly engages with how the fallout of a loved one’s death can impact on those left behind, in often very contrasting ways.

Short Films six dollar fifty man new zealand short film 1970

Mark Albiston and Louis Sutherland bring 1970’s New Zealand to life with their 2009 short film about a gutsy, wannabe boy wonder whose archenemies are the playground bullies who harass him.

Short Films Resting short film turtle canyon interview

Witty and sardonic, Resting gives us an insightful, tongue-in-cheek look at the everyday lives of three actors as they deal with the tedium of their temp jobs.

Short Films EWE short film government surveillance

EWE is a surprisingly considered short film about government surveillance, told through a collection of immaculately arranged still images.

Short Films Junk head animation short film

Painstakingly stop-motion animated over a period of four years, Junk Head is a post-apocalyptic, post-human short film full of pathos and crazy creatures.

Short Films Praying to janus short film

Praying to Janus is about an office-worker’s desperate interview for the job that will change his directionless life. But what kind of change will he get?

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