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Short Films Miss Todd
0 This stop-motion musical is based on the true story of E. Lilian Todd, a self-taught…

Short Films

A no-budget comedy about a girl who builds a replacement boyfriend out of cardboard boxes.

Short Films Marylin Myler

A mesmerising animated short film about artistic expression and the frustration that comes with creation.

Short Films Stephen Schusters Distraction

Distraction tells the story of a post-rehab writer struggling to finish a script for a boss he hates, and instead picking up a prostitute. Writing is always easier with a prostitute!

Short Films Old fangs animated short film kitchen monster

Old Fangs is an Alexander Payne-esque road trip, animated with a rich, warm, autumnal colour palette that softens the darker elements of the story. It’s Wes Anderson meets Vincent Van Gogh.

Short Films Human-Beings

Human Beings is a beautifully shot, post-modern fable that links various animal attributes to typical coming-of-age archetypes.

Short Films Abomination short film religion sexuality

Abomination is a short film about a young man, Tom, who finds himself torn between his sexual identity and his religious beliefs.

Short Films Captured short film aliens found footage

When a recovered camcorder chronicles one family’s Christmas Day encounter with a UFO, only one thing can be certain: whatever it was they met, it wasn’t Father Christmas.

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