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Short Films In the city anika short film runners sitting on a bench

Six potential suitors flaunt their bare legs in hopes of winning the hand of a young lady, in this music video for musician Anika’s In The City.

Short Films Hearth Balint Gelley

A girl refuses rescue from a determined rower and three selfish nuns after a storm floods their town, in this distinctive Hungarian animation.

Short Films Coffee To Go Patrick Ryder

Mae’s morning coffee and Sudoku are interrupted when her dream man walks through the door. Made in a single morning for a budget less than £40, Coffee To Go depicts the relatable trauma of bumping into a crush.

Short Films Shift dance short film

Shift is a beautifully choreographed dance short film, showing an office worker escaping into his mind to an ever-changing score.

Short Films Make Your Maker cloning cannibalism short film

Make Your Maker is a rich and vibrant short film about consumer culture, the metaphor taking on a visceral literality as a woman eats her own clone. But in a fun way!

Short Films The runner comedy short film

Funny, well-paced and imaginative, The Runner is an inventive short film, produced in true guerrilla filmmaking style by people who are heading for the mainstream.

Short Films trusts & estates black comedy short film lawyers

Based on a conversation overheard in a restaurant, Trusts & Estates is about four lawyers whose dinner banter quickly devolves into a grotesque comedy of cruelty.

Short Films The-Lady-With-The-Lamp

The Lady With the Lamp is a hilarious, accidental short documentary about the relationship between a Mother and son, perfectly demonstrating some of the downsides to living at home when you’re 21.

Short Films unlocking the truth luke meyer short film avant garde diaries

Made by Luke Meyer for the online magazine The Avant-Garde Diaries, Unlocking The Truth is an introduction to Malcolm and Jarad, two boys from Brooklyn who play heavy metal.

Short Films beam me up joey short film

Beam Me Up, Joey is a short, stop-motion light show. A group of people are wrapped up in lights and transformed into brightly coloured spectacles.

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