Make Your Maker


Lucy McRae’s short film Make Your Maker utilises the rich visual language of cinema to explore the film’s dark premise of a dystopian world, in which human clones are a source of food. However, despite the grandiose concept, Make Your Maker is a film that concerns itself with the texture and surface of the human body.

The ideology behind the film was developed alongside Nahji Chu (also credited for commissioning the film), the savant owner of a cult Australian restaurant chain called MissChu. McRae and Chu postulate the notion that food and the human body are inseparable, an idea that echoes through the visual style of Make Your Maker.

The film follows a lone woman preparing and consuming human body parts in her kitchen-laboratory. We see the slow and mathematical process of a clone being dissected, with facial cutters, in the manner of a conveyor belt. Once this process is complete, the woman sits down to eat the resulting food that is a jelly cube which no longer resembles the human body.

The film is devoid of sentimentality and shows several bodies being surgically dissected and diced into small edible portions in a cold and precise manner. The human body is shown in fragments, forcing it to become the subject of consumption for the viewer. The jelly-like quality of the flesh is shown in such a way that it resembles certain food adverts in which the food is almost sexualised.

Make Your Maker is not a film that is hampered by a short runtime (this is little over three minutes), in fact, the film excels at conjuring a flurry of haunting visuals that produce an eerily beautiful result. Special attention has been made to the set, which seems to have been lit with a white bareness that further emphasises the cold nature of what we see on screen.

Visually, the film blends a vibrant colour palette, similar to a photo shoot of fashion show, resulting in a rich image. The accompanying score further removes any sense of empathy for the figures on screen that are little more than pieces to be consumed. The music also helps create an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue that blends the visual and audio together, the result of which will almost certainly make a lasting impression on you.


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