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Containment 2015The ‘Film In A Room’ idea. The last refuge of a scoundrel… or an independent filmmaker! Containment was screened at the East End Film Festival last month and expertly showed how to make a compelling, engaging and provocative film on a low budget.

It follows the story of Mark, a failing artist whose wife and daughter have left him, who wakes up one day to find the door of his high-rise flat sealed shut. At first he suspects he’s the victim of a cruel – and let’s be honest, well executed – prank, but the appearance of people in Haz-Mat suits makes him realise he’s in the centre of something much worse.

Viewing the Haz-Mats at a threat to the people in the flats, Mark teams up with his neighbours so they can try and defend themselves from the faceless adversaries. But when they find the threat is already in the block of flats with them, the neighbours start to turn on each other. You can check out the full trailer here.

The film was an independent feature from a debut director who works brilliantly with the parameters of the production. It’s currently available to watch online in the US and Canada and comes to UK to rent or buy through We Are Colony soon, bundled with a load of extras and behind the scenes material, giving a proper insight into what it’s like making a film on a low-budget for a first time director.

Here’s a clip from the sound director, talking about the sound design, which was critical in creating the claustrophobic atmosphere of Containment.

Check out Containment on We Are Colony.


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