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Creativity and passion are wonderful things: they drive people to produce something for some of the most altruistic reasons, personal and artistic fulfilment, a desire to share something creative with others. Given that creativity and passion are truly excellent and inspiring there shouldn’t be anything that hinders the ability to create and share creations with the world. Women in Horror Month embodies this idea, and works towards making it a reality for women in the male-dominated horror film industry.

hellraiser 6 ashley laurenceEstablished in 2010 by Hannah Neurotica, Women in Horror Month is a grassroots initiative that dedicates the month of February to raising awareness about the discrimination that women in the horror film industry face, discrimination that makes it extraordinarily difficult for women to pursue their creative passions and take them from an idea to a reality that is shared with other horror fans, male and female alike.  Using a combination of printed materials, podcasts, special educational events, interviews with upcoming female filmmakers, and outreach and education through a strong presence on social media and the web in general, Women in Horror Month not only exposes the discrimination, a crucial step towards ending it, but also provides networking opportunities and exposure for female artists in horror movies.  Each year, Neurotica’s WiHM has successfully educated the public about the existence of gender discrimination in the industry, as well as provided insight on how both females and males can work together to move closer to the ultimate goal of gender equality.

The initiative also raises awareness for the life-saving act of donating blood.  Since its inception, WiHM has worked with filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska of Twisted Twins Productions to raise awareness, and in turn donations for blood drives. Each year, the Soska Sisters (creators of well-loved horror films Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary) produce a WiHM Massive Blood Drive PSA made up of short films created by female filmmakers; the end result is a totally creative, creepy, and of course bloody PSA that encourages the public to donate blood and save a life. While the official PSA is produced by the Soska Sisters each year, individuals are encouraged to create their own and send it in to be a part of the WiHM Blood Drive PSA Film Festival as well as the Blood Drive PSA gallery.

While Women in Horror Month officially takes place in February, it is an initiative that works tirelessly throughout the year to help make it possible for everyone to pursue their passion of creating art and sharing it – something so wonderful and enriching for our world that it would be a crime and a disservice to us all if anyone was hindered from being able to take part.

To learn more about Women in Horror Month and get involved, visit the website, and make sure to follow WiHM on Twitter and Facebook.


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