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The superb Bertha DocHouse has announced its latest documentary film season for November, and it’s a blinder. ‘The Live Of Others’ sees DocHouse and the Royal Anthropological Institute team up to bring you a programme of five incredible films that shine a light on the lives of people around the world.

The season kicks off at the DocHouse’s, uh, house, at the Curzon in Bloomsbury on November 4 with ‘Nowhere To Call Home’, a remarkable film about a Tibetan woman who refuses to marry her brother-in-law and so flees to Beijing where she lives in one of the mega-city’s slums.

Also on show are:

‘Ukrainian Sheriffs’ – Set in Stara Zubaryeva, the film follows local sheriffs Viktor and Volodya who are trying to keep the peace. In their sleepy backwater village in Southern Ukraine, stolen ducks and drunken neighbours take priority, despite the threat of rising tensions with neighboring Russia.

‘What Tomorrow Brings’ – Showing a year in the life of the first all-girls school in a remote, conservative Afghan village, we see the students learn to read and write as the film traces the inter-connected stories and traditions of their society. The girls discover school is the one place they can turn to understand the differences between the lives they were born into and the lives they dream of leading.

‘A Revolution In Four Seasons’ – Over the course of Tunisia’s post-revolution years, we follow two politically-opposed young women who show remarkable determination in their efforts to steer the country towards very different versions of the perfect democracy. The film embarks on an exploration of what it means to be a modern Islamic woman – balancing work, family, religion and politics in a country struggling to define itself.

‘Nueva Venecia’ – The fishing community of Nueva Venecia is like any other, with one extraordinary difference: The village is perched on stilts above Columbia’s Lake Tota, with homes, schools and even a soccer field floating just a few feet above the surface. This film portrays the resilient citizens who manage a spirited way of life despite the rising tide and imminent threat of devastation.

Each film has three screenings between Friday November 4 and Friday 24 November with tickets just £4 to £9.

Visit the DocHouse site for more information.


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