MarsCorp Update 4 – Fun, Websites and Begging


Okay! Another fun, fun update from MarsCorp! Let’s cut to the chase; where are we with everything? Well we’re still knee deep in editing, but it’s coming along pretty well; we have rough mixes of episodes 1-6 (half the series) at the moment and should have them completed in the next couple of weeks or so. If we can keep up with our current burnout pace we should have about 8 or 9 episodes fully completed in a month or so, and then we can unleash our pain podcast on the world.

One thing we’ve found is that we waaaaaaay underestimated how long the episodes would be. We initially expected them to be around 30-35mins, but they’re coming in at 40-45mins. So I guess you’re getting extra MarsCorp for your buck. Is that a good thing? Only time will tell.

The other big news is that the MarsCorp website is up!!!

MarsCorp websiteAt the moment it’s fairly basic, with news, a bit about the background of the show and contact details. However, it does also have episode descriptions for all 12 episodes to whet your appetite.

We’ll gradually be adding new sections and content as we get closer to release, including trailers, ways to support the show, FUN STUFF, a shop and artwork for the episodes.

And that seamless setup allows me to smoothly move onto the announcement that we now have someone to do artwork for the episodes! More about that soon.

We’re slowly but surely getting closer to completing the series and releasing it for you all to hear. It is coming. Soon… ish.

In the meantime, if you’re not already onto it, you can follow MarsCorp on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news.

The Bunker – Update

Oh man. Really?! This thing? Urgh, fine.

Ok, so The Bunker is still racking up the downloads – up to 240,000 now – and getting slowly, slowly closer to the big quarter million.

We will be releasing slightly modified versions of the episodes soon that tidy up some stuff with the intro and credits for the show. The main purpose of which is to try and get people to bloody rate and review it!

Speaking of which, if you’ve listened to The Bunker can you please, PLEASE, take a minute to rate the show on iTunes (or wherever you got it from) – and if you’re really into it you can leave a written review as well. We never really made much effort to ask people to rate the show before, which we’ve now learnt was a bit of a balls up on our part, so we’re now trying to go back and fix the mistakes of the past. Like the Terminator.

Terminator 2 gif

‘Rate and review the show if you want to live.’

We also still have a few of The Bunker episode 9 ‘Nothing Is Not Possible’ posters available to buy. They’re professionally printed on thick, high quality 250gsm paper and brighten up any home, lighthouse, bunker or grief hole. We ship internationally.




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