Benedict Cumberbatch Is Newest Patron Of Phoenix Cinema


Benedict Cumberbatch becomes patron of north London's Phoenix Cinema
Film star and all round British icon Benedict Cumberbatch is the latest A-lister to join the Phoenix Cinema’s roster of official patrons, which includes Ken Loach, Mark Kermode, Mike Leigh and Michael Palin.

Cumberbatch has starred in The Imitation Game, Star Trek Into Darkness, the BBC TV drama Sherlock and Nathan Barley (seriously. Go back and watch it, he’s in it) and has more or less dominated the internet for the past few years as a slicker, less bumbling Hugh Grant. Posting anything positive about Cumberbatch on twitter is nailed on #numbers.

He is now using his success and recognition to help the independent Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley, north London.

In a statement, Cumberbatch said: ‘I’m very proud to be a Patron of the Phoenix Cinema.  It’s such a special place; not only for its remarkable history as Britain’s oldest operating purpose-built cinema, but for the fantastic sense of community that continues to thrive here. The programme of events and films on offer is curated by people who truly love and know cinema and is made possible by a charity that puts people before profit.’

Cumberbatch, who was already a fan of the Phoenix, hopes that his role can help support independent cinema: ‘We are all so lucky to be part of the magic that is cinema (on both sides of the screen) and it’s so important that we all work to preserve and develop it for generations to come.’

Built in 1910, the Phoenix Cinema is London’s oldest constantly running, single purpose cinema. As well as being a regular host of high profile Q&As and education events, the Phoenix is also one of the few cinemas that still prides itself on being able to project print along with digital.

Find out more about the Phoenix Cinema here.


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