The Evolution of Bane


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Meet Bane, a comic book villain and opponent of Batman, most famous for snapping the caped crusader’s spine. Although Bane’s arms resemble fleshy  tree trunks, he’s apparently one of the more intellectual bad guys, famously outwitting Batman (and breaking his goddamn spine). The hulking juggernaut of brains and brawn got his first big screen outing in Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin, and he looked like this:

How could anyone have doubted Joel Schumacher? The man was a genius. But hey, a lot has changed since the 90’s, by 2009 Bane was ready for a comeback, and Arkham Asylum was about to prove that the character could be portrayed in a far more subtle light:

Bane Arkham Asylum
There is nothing ridiculous about this image. Superheroes and villains are brilliantly flexible in their design, and are often changed in both look and personality when they make that transcendental leap to the big screen. However, very few filmmakers can pull off the real spirit of the character, and I should know, having read literally two Batman comic books (this one and this one) and skimmed through a few issues of Spider-Man. With Christopher Nolan taking Batman bat-to-basics, and cementing the outlandish characters in a kind of tangible reality, how will such an absurdly comic-book character like Bane fit into The Dark Knight Rises, the last instalment of the reboot trilogy? It would be great to get a glimpse of Tom Hardy’s doubtlessly brilliant portrayal of Bane. Oh wait, let’s just do that now:

Tom hardy bane dark knight rises back
Huh, so he looks a bit like Bronson.


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