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Reviews of documentary films


My Nazi Legacy follows the story of two men whose father’s were Nazi’s and another who lost 80 family members in the holocaust as they try to reconcile their memories with the crimes committed.

Documentaries Sherpa slider

The award winning documentary, Sherpa, looks at the problem of exploitation around Everest expeditions and the differences in the value of life.

Documentaries Gayby Baby (2015)

Gayby Baby takes a look at the lives of four families where the parents are gay, and it brings a needed personal insight to a topic that too politicised.

Documentaries pixadores running across roof top

Pixadores is a documentary that follows the lives of 4 young men who believe in leaving a mark with political graffiti set in the sprawling metropolis of Sao Paolo.

Documentaries Manakamana

Review of Manakamana, Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez’s documentary following the series of passengers on a cable car to Nepal’s Manakamana Temple.