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The Male Gaze is the theory, proposed by Laura Mulvey, that Hollywood perpetrates an objectification of women through the filming and viewing of women.

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High concept films are a type of film where concept takes centre stage, ahead of characters. And it is not necessarily bad thing.

Stuff Explained

A film movement started in 1995 that aimed to strip back filmmaking in order to try and produce films that revealed a greater “truth”.

Stuff Explained Charlie-and-the-Chocolate-Factory-story-structure

In film the 3 Act structure is a basic breakdown for story structure and progression. But why 3? And what are its limitations?

Stuff Explained third man tunnel lighting key fill ratio

What is key-to-fill ratio? It’s basically about lighting and shadows in your shots, but it’s actually quite a tricky concept.

Stuff Explained Truman show boat edge of the world verisimilitude

Verisimilitude is about establishing the truth and reality of your fictional world – then sticking to it.

Stuff Explained mise en scene

Mise en Scène is all about putting stuff in the scene as part of the language of cinema. Simple, right? Wrong.

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