MarsCorp Update 5 – Wrapping, Releasing and Subscribing


Right! Here we go, straight up, no messing about, straight off the bat, no beating around the bush, in your face, the skinny, the 411, the straight dope, the headlines… MarsCorp has a release date.

Brule glasses

Wednesday 27th July 2016! That’s when the first episode is coming out, with a new episode every week until early October.

We have a teaser trailer which will give you a teeny, tiny, teasery taste of what the show will sound like. You can watch it now on our Facebook page. The RSS feed is also already active (like I understand any of what I just typed), so you can subscribe to the show now to ensure you get all our new stuff as soon as it’s released.

We’ll also be releasing a few other things before the first episode drops. There’ll be a longer trailer next week, which will reveal a lot more of the show, we’ll show you some of the artwork and we’ll be publishing a few other bits on that will reveal a bit more information.

So, a summary of the state of the of the show: recording is basically wrapped (yay), episodes 1-4 are basically finished (yay), episodes 5-10 are about 80% finished (yay) and 11 and 12 have rough edits (yay). We also have artwork for the first six episodes, and it’s looking a-mazing (yay).

It’s coming folks! MarsCorp is dangerously close to being a real thing you can listen to! Just a few more weeks…

The Bunker – Update

We passed 250,000 downloads – or quarter of a million if you want to make it sound flashier – a couple weeks ago, which was nice.

We also still have about 6 of the sexy Bunker episode 9 ‘Nothing Is Not Possible’ posters available to buy. They’re motivational! (Kind of)

Printed on A2 (the sexiest paper size) on high quality 250gsm paper (the sexiest weight of paper) you can get yours for just £8 plus p&p, and we ship internationally (the sexiest area to ship to). Order yours now.




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