MarsCorp Update 3 – Actors, Editing and The Terminator


Hey! We’re still here, still in our cave, toiling away, chipping at the slab of script and stitching together a quilt of performances to give you the draped sculpture of MarsCorp (alright, easy now).

I wish this update was to announce the show is ready to be released, but alas, it’s not. We found that a fair bit of the recording we did before Christmas had distortion, so we had to get seven of our very kind and accomodating actors back to re-record large sections. All of this set us back quite badly. But it’s ok. It’s fine. Really.

Sad Don

“We have to re-do loads of work you say?”

So we’ve spent the last few weeks ploughing through that…

We also carried on with the other recordings, and I’m pleased to say, as of yesterday, we’ve basically finished recording our actors! We had our final session with our lead, Helen Watkinson who plays Hob, and her assistant Jim, played by Matthew Woodcock, in the last couple of days, capping off about 3 months of work. Helen is now prepping to head to LA for a film shoot, while Matthew returns to arguing with the estate of David Bowie (no, seriously) and writing the new series of the Monster Hunters.

In spite of the recording balls up, we have been able to get on with the editing and now have about three and a half episodes done, more or less. They’re coming in a bit longer than we expected (40-45mins as opposed to the 30-40mins we were expecting), but the episodes are sounding really good! We think it’ll be worth the wait. We hope it will.

Now that we’re getting completed audio, mixed and with sound effects, we’ll hopefully be able to give you some tastes of the show as we get close to the release.

“When. Is. The. Damn. Show. Out?!” you ask, a pencil snapping in your fiercely clenched fist, spittle flying from between your painfully gritted teeth. I know, I know, we’re behind schedule, but really, we’re trying to get it done as quickly as possible. And because we really want MarsCorp to be released on a regular, weekly basis, we need a majority of the episodes completed before we release the first one, so we can then hit that schedule. An April release is looking v. optimistic and May looks more realistic now. We’ll hopefully be able to announce the release date for the first episode in the next couple of weeks.

BTW, if you haven’t already, you can follow MarsCorp on Facebook and Twitter.

The Bunker – Update

Oh my God, are you serious? This thing? Still?! Yup, it’s still living on – almost a year after the final episode came out – like some kind of low budget Terminator.

Terminator 2 gif

‘The Bunker’

We’ve now had an incredible 228,000 downloads. Whaaaaat! Mad stuff. It’s no longer on the front page of the US iTunes store, but it’s still clocking up a respectable 350-500 downloads a day, which is nice.

If you haven’t listened to The Bunker yet you can check out all 12 episodes for free here. And if you could leave a rating/review on iTunes (or wherever) we would REALLY appreciate it. Higher ratings do help the show reach more people (and gives us a nice ego boost, if they’re nice, or a good laugh, if they’re not). Rating the show will probably take you less than a minute to do, which isn’t too much to ask in exchange for giving you about 14 hours of free content, is it?

Another way you can support our mad endeavours, while getting something nice, is by buying a poster! We have about 12 of the super sexy A2 ‘Nothing is not Possible’ Bunker Episode 9 posters – professionally printed on v. high quality paper – left that are available to buy. You can get yours here.


Super sexy


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