MarsCorp – Update 2: Recording, Sounds & Sex Dentist


It’s almost two months since the last update but we’ve been hard at work.

“If you’ve been so hard at work, then why the feck haven’t you done more updates?” You say.

Because making a podcast is actually pretty boring to write about, it’s just writing and recording and drinking and tears. But I’ll do my best to make it interesting by dropping in some great songs.

So we finished editing the scripts on December 6, about two weeks later than we had hoped. Those final script reviews – ball-aching, line-by-line, 9 hour skype meetings – were a real grind. But it’s made for a better series. I think. I hope.

After finishing writing on December 6 we ploughed straight into recording the next day. First up was Laila Pyne, who fans of The Bunker might recognise as the voice of Obelisk and Love Castle. We were then recording every day for the next 11 days. It was knackering. But it was good to catch up with people we worked with on The Bunker and record with them again. People seem to enjoy working on MarsCorp, too.

There were a few new people as well that we cast for MarsCorp; Mark Desebrock, Max Upton, Mark Keegan and Graham Vick. I don’t know whether we’re getting better at casting or we just got lucky, but all four of them were great. They got the concept of the show and seemed to understand the humour. And they’re also terribly nice people.

We did our time, got about 70% of the show recorded and finished up for Christmas, which was welcome as we were a bit tired and burnt out by then.

Frog help

Over the Christmas holiday we drunk until we couldn’t feel things anymore and put together a rough cut of the first episode – just the dialogue, no sound effects – and… it works. It seems to work.

January 4 and we were back to work, going over the rough cuts, doing more editing, and on January 7 we started recording again. Hopefully we’ll have all the actors recorded in the next week and a half.

Yesterday though we heard the first couple scenes WITH sound effects and the intro music by Jon Day. Felt p. good.

“Whatever, whatever, when’s the feckin show going to be out?” You say.

“Calm down!” I reply, backing away from you, my arm extended and my palm open and facing slightly down as I try to tame your unwarranted anger, “It’ll be out when it’s out.” Then I get on my motorbike, give you a thumbs up and a wink, rev the engine and speed off into the sunset to continue working on MarsCorp.

The Bunker – Update

Holy crap, is this thing still going? It seems so. We’re still on the front page of the US iTunes store and still clocking up about 800 downloads (give or take a couple hundred) a day. It’s past 190,000 downloads all-time and dragging its fetid, bloated corpse towards the big 200k. Nice.

If you haven’t listened to The Bunker you can sink into the madness for free here.

We’ve also still got some Bunker ‘Nothing Is Not Possible’ posters available to buy. Buy one. Buy one. Buy one. Buy one. Buy one. Buy one. Buy one. Buy one. Buy one. Buy o


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