MarsCorp – Production Update 1: Scripts, Actors and the Undead


So here we are, with the first official MarsCorp podcast production update. If you’re wondering where we’ve been for the last few months, we’ve been holed up in an underground bunker working on the scripts (seriously). Eight of the twelve episodes are more or less complete, bar tweaking the dialogue. We decided we were pretty unhappy with 2 episodes so we’ve basically stripped them back and started over again. Which is totally fine considering we’ve got about 2 weeks to finish all the scripts. We’re excited and positive about this late change which will ultimately lead to a better show.


Really, we’re totally fine about this extra work.

We’ve also started working with the actors. Last Sunday we had a read-through of seven episodes with our three main actors, Helen Watkinson (playing lead character Hob), Matthew Woodcock (playing Hob’s assistant Jim), and Derek Elwood (playing MarsCorp manager Martin Mann). It was good fun and great to hear proper actors speaking the lines for the first time (as opposed to us shouting them at each other). The jokes also actually seemed funny, which is a bonus for a comedy.

We have also contacted a lot of actors from the Bunker about playing parts in the MarsCorp, and it’s great to say almost all of the people we contacted are going to be in MarsCorp!

There are a few characters who we wanted to cast new people for, so we’re going through those applications now and should have the new actors picked next week.

With the scripts almost finished and almost all of the actors on board (all 30 of them!) we’re on track to start recording in just under 2 weeks on November 14th (shiiiiiiiit!)

Of course, there’s more to the podcast than scripts and actors! We’ve got Jon Day, who made the intro theme and other songs for The Bunker, working on music for MarsCorp, while Tom is beavering away on the sound effects (lottttts of robots).

If you have no idea what the F MarsCorp is, this page should explain it. Or just make you more confused.

Update On The Bunker

Like a Terminator or fascism, The Bunker just will not go gently into that good night and die. Six months on from the release of the last episode it’s still proving popular. For months it’s trotted along clocking up a healthy 200 to 300 downloads a day (not bad for a podcast we haven’t been promoting). Then two weeks ago downloads shot up to 800 to 1200 a day. WTF, son?! After a bit of investigating we found that The Bunker was being prominently featured on the frontpage of the US iTunes store in their “Modern Radio Drama” selection, which may or may not be a consequence of the weekly blood sacrifices we’ve been offering.

Not sure "Modern" "Radio" or "Drama" apply to The Bunker. But, whatever.

Not sure “Modern” “Radio” or “Drama” apply to The Bunker. But, whatever.

We’re also seeing downloads from some interesting places like Nepal, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, and Syria (um…). Total downloads for The Bunker are now at 135,000.

In case you missed it we printed up a limited number of posters of the artwork for episode 9, Nothing Is Not Possible. We still have some of these high-quality, A3 prints available to buy on our Etsy store (shipping available worldwide).



If you still haven’t heard The Bunker you can go some way to fixing your absolute mess of a life by streaming or downloading all 12 episodes for free here.


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