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To support the MarsCorp terraforming mission we must join hands (figuratively. Do not touch other human capital during work hours) and work together, combining our unique abilities in order to become greater than the sum of our parts. The most important partnership exists between the main MarsCorp base and the mining outpost, where raw materials are extracted from the planet for use in the terraforming mission – and for the contractual production of vast quantities of Ultra-Ade energy drinks.

Having won the respect of the Martians (well, most of them) during the MYIP festivities, Hob is given a new task by the base manager – to renew the cooperation agreement with the Ultra-Ade mine, which means earning the respect of the mine’s strange manager/despot Jonathan Kingsley. In an attempt to give Hob’s visit some gravitas, Martin insists David, Dave, Tom and Eric accompany her and Jim to the outpost.

Meanwhile, back at the base, Martin finds out about another secretive outpost that’s being constructed, and everyone on the base gets very sick.

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MarsCorp Episode 5 artwork

Artwork by Eric Chow

MarsCorp passed the 15,000 download mark this week. Kind of an arbitrary mark but there you go. So the show’s doing ok, but downloads have slowed a bit. What we really need now is for people help get the show out there. The easiest way you can help is by simply leaving a rating (and a review if you want) on iTunes or wherever you got the podcast from – those little stars really do help the show! Another way is to share the show on social media (or IRL social interactions I guess).

You can also support the show and get a lovely piece of merchandise by buying an official MarsCorp mug! Professionally printed and capable of holding liquids, they’re great!

MarsCorp Mug with background


You can get yours now for just £7 in the MarsCorp shop. And we ship internationally!

Early Release Access

And as you might have heard, we’ve made the remaining episodes available for early access. What this means is you can get all the remaining episodes in the series, today – right now! – and all it costs is a one-off payment of £2.99 ($3.99)! We don’t make a lot of (i.e. almost no) money off advertising, so this is our main way to try and raise some money from the series to help us make more stuff in the future.

If you want to get the episodes early simply download the Acast app, search for MarsCorp and purchase the season pass –

If you don’t want to purchase them though you’ll still be able to listen to the rest of series as we’ll be releasing episodes for free every Wednesday as planned.

Episode 6 – Appropriate Working Relationships – is out next Wednesday (or right now if you buy the series!)

Episode 5 credits

E.L. Hob – Helen Watkinson
Jim Lake – Matthew Woodcock
Martin Mann – Derek Elwood
Jonathan Kingsley – Robert Benedetti Hall
Angelica – Pippa Caddick
Duel Commentator – Laila Pyne
Baxter – Jon Day
Hayley Barrett – Amelie Edwards
Simon Badcocke – Mark Keegan
Jo Grey – Susanna Gordon
Bonnie Clarke – Alexis McDougall
Dave Price – David Price
Tom Dalling – Tom Dalling
David Knight – David Knight
Eric Lyon – Max Upton
Dawn Cox – Katie Turner
George Bullock – Alex Mew
Donna Page – Marysia Trembecka
Eduardo Allende – Graham Vick
Kim Page – Ailsa Dalling
Scrubberbot – EJ Martin
Showerbot – Max Sterne
Female Shower Miner 2 – Penelope Day
Female Shower Miner 1 – Ailsa Dalling
Male Shower Miner 2 – Luke Georgewill
Insulin Waiter – Graham Vick
Doorbot – Pippa Caddick

Music by
Jon Day
Jonny Phethean
The Amorettes – Website
Kevin Mcloud (Incomptech) – Website

Episode Artwork
Eric Chow – Website

Written, produced and edited by David Knight, David Price and Tom Dalling


About Author

David Price is the editor of Gorilla Film Online and co-writer/co-producer of MarsCorp and The Bunker podcasts. He has made a number of short films and has watched more than 12 feature films. Writers/con-artists can contact him at daveprice at

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