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An important part of working well is not working at all. It can be hard to separate yourself from your fulfilling professional duties, but occasionally (very, VERY occasionally) a few days off can be good for you. Taking time to mix with the rest of the human capital at MarsCorp in a relaxed and fun environment should make you more productive when you swiftly return to your job. Please enjoy your Annual Leave.

After a few months on MarsCorp, Part 4 sees Hob more relaxed with the Martians and even starting to enjoy getting stuck into the nitty gritty of work at the base, especially as it provides a welcome distraction from some painful memories of Earth. So MYIP (the Martian Youth Intern Programme) – which sees all work cease on the base – is a massive pain the arse for her. This inconvenience is made worse when Hob finds out she actually has to participate in MYIP in order to advance the terraforming mission, and in doing so she has her first proper dealing with the Resources department, and starts to understand just what they’re all about.

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MarsCorp Episode 4 Portrait 1000

Artwork by Eric Chow

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Part 5, Partnership and Cooperation is out next Wednesday!

MarsCorp Episode 4 Credits

E.L. Hob – Helen Watkinson
Jim Lake – Matthew Woodcock
Martin Mann – Derek Elwood
Alberich P. Copperbottom – Robert Benedetti Hall
Baines – James Naylor
Clay – Mark Keegan
Eric Lyon – Max Upton
Hayley Barrett – Amelie Edwards
Jess Horn – Molly Small
Angelica – Pippa Caddick
Brian Durant – Jon Day
David Knight – David Knight
Tom Dalling – Tom Dalling
Dave Price – David Price
Baxter – Jon Day
Zack Guzman – Luke Georgewill
Boy in the play – Lucas Tyldesley
Girl in the play – Rosa Tyldesley
Mark Garner – James Naylor
Simon Badcocke – Mark Keegan
Chip Dalling – Emma Stirling
Kim Page – Ailsa Dalling
Jo Grey – Susanna Gordon
Bonnie Clarke – Alexis McDougall
Discobot – David Price
Dawn Cox – Katie Turner
Donna Page – Marysia Trembecka
John Smith – David Kallo
Barbot – Molly Small
Liftbot – Graham Vick
Intern looking for technology department – Ailsa Dalling

Music by
Jon Day
Joshua Empyre
John Molesworth

Episode Artwork
Eric Chow

Written, produced, directed and edited by David Knight, David Price and Tom Dalling.


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David Price is the editor of Gorilla Film Online and co-writer/co-producer of MarsCorp and The Bunker podcasts. He has made a number of short films and has watched more than 12 feature films. Writers/con-artists can contact him at daveprice at

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