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Any successful enterprise must be built on a solid foundation of people. Their minds, bodies and souls are what lie beneath the company and, like soil they, feed it, allowing it to grow and prosper. To ensure you extract maximum utility out of human capital you need make sure management is very effective at one thing – team building.

Part 3 of MarsCorp sees Hob finally get a chance to journey to the heart of the MarsCorp mission, the place where the terraforming mission is developed and advanced – the World Factory. But base manager Martin Mann warns her against getting too excited about the visit; the terraformers who run the factory have something of a reputation. Undeterred Hob rounds up a team to visit the site and assess progress, but soon finds that something very odd is going on at this vital outpost.

Meanwhile, back at the main MarsCorp base, Martin puts a new food initiative into effect, which creates a special opportunity for one particular Martian.

You can stream the episode with the player above or download with these links:

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MarsCorp Part 3 - Team Building artwork

MarsCorp Part 3 – Team Building (artwork by Eric Chow)

Downloads are picking up gradually and we’re still getting some really great feedback too, so thank you to everyone who’s listened, shared, rated, liked, evangelised about the show. Some people say completing a project is its own reward – those people are goddamned fools. Validation from people on the internet is the real reward.

Speaking of validation, MarsCorp is currently featured at the top of the UK iTunes store (and maybe in Australia and New Zealand? I can’t remember which regions the editor covers), which is very neat.

MarsCorp in the iTunes store


Please keep spreading the word and leave a review/rating if you haven’t already, it really helps the show reach more people and makes us feel better about ourselves!

Another way you can support the show is by purchasing some sweet official MarsCorp merchandise! We now have the much coveted MarsCorp standard issue employee mug (as distributed by the Resources department) available to buy. They’re £7 each and we post internationally. Get yours in the MarsCorp store now.

MarsCorp Mug


Episode 4 – Annual Leave out next Wednesday!

MarsCorp Episode 3 Credits

E.L. Hob – Helen Watkinson
Jim Lake – Matthew Woodcock
Martin Mann – Derek Elwood
Dawn Cox – Katie Turner
Jo Grey – Susanna Gordon
Rajan “Raj” Zaveri – James Naylor
Brian Durant – Jon Day
David Knight – David Knight
Tom Dalling – Tom Dalling
Dave Price – David Price
Bonnie Clarke – Alexis McDougall
Sarah Cole – Molly Small
Mark Garner – James Naylor
Ian Garner – Max Sterne
Jeff Pike – Robert Benedetti Hall
Kim Page – Ailsa Dalling
Baxter – Jon Day
Terraforming Commercial – EJ Martin
Hello I’m Berty – David Knight
Liftbot 2 – Amelie Edwards

Music by
Jon Day
Joshua Empyre

Episode Artwork
Eric Chow

Written, produced, directed and edited by David Knight, David Price and Tom Dalling.


About Author

David Price is the editor of Gorilla Film Online and co-writer/co-producer of MarsCorp and The Bunker podcasts. He has made a number of short films and has watched more than 12 feature films. Writers/con-artists can contact him at daveprice at

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