MarsCorp Is Out Now


MarsCorp episode 1 is out now!

(There was a time when I thought we might never actually get to write that)

504 days after we launched the Kickstarter the first episode is finally out. Part 1: Welcome / Introduction

MarsCorp Episode 1 Welcome / IntroductionTHAT is the very cool artwork for episode 1, courtesy of the fantastic Eric Chow. You can, and should, check out the rest of his work at

So where can you listen to MarsCorp? Wellll…

Mp3 Direct Download: (You have to right click on the player and ‘Save Video As’)

If you want to support the show then sharing on Facebook/Twitter/IRL is always greatly appreciated. It might be a touch early to start leaving reviews on iTunes (and the others) just yet, but if you really like the first episode that much, we’re not going to stop you 😬 The reviews actually really, really help the show reach more people, so those little stars are a big boost.

We hope you like the show. Episode 2 is out next Wednesday, so make sure you subscribe to get it as soon as it drops, or else…

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The Bunker – Update

I think this is going to be the final update on this. The show is back on the frontpage of the iTunes store in the US, so the downloads have gone right up again and it’s been downloaded over 290,000 times since its release. Neat. If you haven’t rated it yet on iTunes then please do, it will be much appreciated.

Oh, and we’ve got about 4 of these posters left. A2, v high quality, professionally printed, sexy as fuck and shipping internationally. Just £8 + p&p. Get yours now 




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