Author Naomi Vowles

Short Films Sausage still Robert Grieves

Review of Robert Grieves’ multi-award winning animation about creativity and community overcoming mass production.

Short Films White short film

White is a contemplative, and ultimately hopeful, vision of a post-apocalyptic, snow-bound world where a young survivor and her canine companion rely on the dead as a source of food.

Short Films Mr Happy Man

Matt Morris’s gleefully cheerful short film documentary, Mr. Happy Man serves as joyous testimony to the day-to-day life of one Johnny Barnes, a legend in his hometown of Hamilton, Bermuda.

Short Films ball of light short film documentary about dennis smith

A well made documentary about artist Denis Smith, who spent years chasing money and possessions, until he started taking pictures of balls of light.

Short Films Elukka

A twisted and dark sense of humour runs through this stop animation short film.