Author Maxamillian John

After being bitten by a radioactive English teacher as a child, Maxamillian John grew up to become an editor and writer. Born in London he now lives in the internet, having neither the money nor the constitution for real life. He has two degrees, but who cares?

Feature Films The Falling Florence Pugh Maisie Williams

In Carol Morley’s The Falling, a 1960s all-girl boarding school is ground-zero in a fainting epidemic. …With hilarious consequences! (Not really.)

Mystery Box Home Alone

Gorilla takes a look at that most festive of franchises, Home Alone, and counts down the Top Five traps Kevin ever set! Keep the change, ya filthy animal!

Crowdfunding Starcross

Ash Morris’s new film project is called Starcross, making it sound like a space-faring fantasy, but in fact it’s a down-to-earth realist romance about two people in a care home.

Crowdfunding Auroras

Gorilla previously covered Niles Heckman’s Kickstarter campaign for a short sci-fi-romance film back in January, and we were glad, if unsurprised, to see it gain traction.

Short Films The Dark Companion comedy short film puppet existential

The Dark Companion is a funny and potent short film about a puppet called Howard, who suffers an existential crisis when he realises he’s not in control of his life.