Author Jonathan Neeves

Feature Films Field Punishment No.1 New Zealand World War 1 film

Field Punishment No.1 looks at the experiences of conscientious objectors in the ranks of the New Zealand army during the Gallipoli campaign in World War 1.

Short Films No robots short film animation future

No Robots is a drama about discrimination and presumption in a neo-Expressionist future. Mistaken identities, robots and fascism create an unexpectedly touching short film.

Feature Films Pieta film cover

A review of Kim Ki-duk and Jo Min-soo’s 2012 Korean film film about penances, purification and redemption, Pietà.

Short Films Meltdown

An epic, stop-motion short film about a group of sentient food. Together they struggle for survival in a faulty fridge that is rapidly freezing over.

Short Films The watchers short film mark bowsher

The Watchers is a short film that asks the question is it better to be blissfully ignorant, or depressingly aware?

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