Author Jonathan Neeves

Short Films No robots short film animation future

No Robots is a drama about discrimination and presumption in a neo-Expressionist future. Mistaken identities, robots and fascism create an unexpectedly touching short film.

Feature Films Pieta film cover

A review of Kim Ki-duk and Jo Min-soo’s 2012 Korean film film about penances, purification and redemption, Pietà.

Short Films Meltdown

An epic, stop-motion short film about a group of sentient food. Together they struggle for survival in a faulty fridge that is rapidly freezing over.

Short Films The watchers short film mark bowsher

The Watchers is a short film that asks the question is it better to be blissfully ignorant, or depressingly aware?

Short Films Superman short film Christopher Dennis as superman smoking

A short documentary film about a man whose job as a Superman impersonator in Hollywood has taken over his whole life, and maybe even his identity.

Short Films Greta short film

Greta is a powerful and thought-provoking documentary short film about an elderly lady who goes about her daily activities, recounting stories from her past.

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