Author David Price

David Price is the editor of Gorilla Film Online and co-writer/co-producer of MarsCorp and The Bunker podcasts. He has made a number of short films and has watched more than 12 feature films. Writers/con-artists can contact him at daveprice at

??? Mince pie selection board

The most important review you will read this Christmas – what is the best mince pie in the UK. We might just save your Christmas.

Stuff Explained

A film movement started in 1995 that aimed to strip back filmmaking in order to try and produce films that revealed a greater “truth”.

Stuff Explained Charlie-and-the-Chocolate-Factory-story-structure

In film the 3 Act structure is a basic breakdown for story structure and progression. But why 3? And what are its limitations?

Short Films

A mesmerising animated short film about artistic expression and the frustration that comes with creation.

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